Woman's Own

Washing troubles away

Helena stared pensively out of the living room window. ‘Isn’t it time you washed the car, love? It’s looking dirtier by the day.’

She turned to her husband Joe, who, predictably, had his gaze fixed on his iPad, no doubt playing one of his online games. Ever since their grandson had introduced him to the joys of gaming, she hadn’t been able to tear him away from his comfy armchair, and every time she’d asked him to decorate the back bedroom, he’d offered her some lame excuse.

Once they’d both retired, she’d thought things would be different – they’d spend more time together and Joe would catch up with odd jobs around the house. But no. All he did was play his darned games.

She sighed. After so many years of marriage, their relationship wasn’t what it was. It felt strained at times, and quite often one of them ended up snapping. They seemed to roll along on a conveyor belt of normality, more often pulling against each other than together.

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