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Q I’m diabetic, should I be doing daily finger blood testing?

A In the UK, the NHS only prescribes testing meters and strips to patients on

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Letter Of The Week
It was so interesting to read about the women who write books for children [9 March]. I volunteer in the literacy support section of our local senior school, helping pupils with mild dyslexia, or those who just haven’t grasped the principles of readi
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Simple Skin Test Can Spot Parkinson’s
A quick and painless swab that detects Parkinson’s disease on the surface of the skin has been developed by scientists at Manchester University. They’re now looking at refining the test to help diagnose and monitor the degenerative disease, and hope
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Here To Help
Q In January, my parents, who were in their 90s, both died. They were living at home with a carer who gave them COVID-19. I know it wasn’t her fault but I’m really angry and feel the only thing that would make it better would be for her to apologise