Mountain Biking UK


Route summary This ride takes in some big climbs but repays your efforts with fast, rocky descents and stunning views

Start/finish Dunster car park (postcode TA24 6SE, grid ref SS 993/439)

1 Head left into Dunster. After the traffic lights, turn right on St George’s Street. Bear right and climb past the school. At the edge of the village, go left on a bridleway by Hanger’s Way, then climb into the trees

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Mountain Biking UK2 min letti
Power Out Of Berms
While not a useful technique for going fast, manualling out of turns does look pretty cool. Follow the first two steps, but instead of pedalling to keep the front wheel up, shift your weight back and try to find the balance point. It’ll take some pra
Mountain Biking UK2 min letti
Scrub Jumps
1 Before you try to get sideways, start by working on squashing jumps smoothly. Approach the take-off in the attack position and with your weight central on the bike. As soon as your front wheel reaches the lip and starts to lift off, instead of usin
Mountain Biking UK1 min letti
Descend At Speed
At high speeds, the air flowing past your face can cause you to squint, making it harder to see upcoming obstacles. Glasses or goggles will prevent this, as well as protecting your eyes from bugs, dust and trail debris. Don’t pinball from rock to roc