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£6,299 Future king of e-nduro?

their big-hitting enduro rig, the Ransom, and developed a pedal-assist version – the Ransom eRIDE – to compete in the growing long-travel e-bike category. With a monstrous 180mm of squish front and rear, we’re willing to bet there aren’t many situations this 29er can’t

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Cold-weather Kit
Cold wind can nip at your ears and blow down your collar, so it’s a good idea to protect these parts with Buff-style neck tubes, which can also be folded up to form a headband. When the mercury really plummets, an under-helmet skullcap can be a lifes
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Set your approach speed so you know that when you pop you’ll comfortably clear the gap. As you get close to the lip, lower your body weight, supporting it through your feet, and focus on balance – just like you would if you were going to jump as high
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‘Boost’ will be too snatchy, ‘Trail’ is great for short run-ups, but ‘Eco’ may be best in some situations. With well-set-up suspension you can get a good pump from the jump’s transition, so use this to your advantage and shift your body weight up and