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Conquer The Climbs
Putting weight over the rear wheel will give grip and drive. If you lean too far forward, the wheel will just spin and lose traction. Think about sitting on the saddle and looking way ahead while selecting a suitable gear and mode for the steepness o
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Manual Through Rollers
To pop the bike onto its back wheel, focus on shifting your hips back and driving your weight through the pedals to get the front wheel aloft, rather than yanking up on the bar. Although it’s essential to pull back, it’s much more about body position
Mountain Biking UK2 min letti
Steep Chutes
This is the main change you should make to your position on the bike as you drop into a steep section. When the front wheel rolls over the edge of the chute, bend further forward from your hips. It may feel counterintuitive, but it’ll lower your ches