Your Pregnancy

BETTER after birth

Your baby’s finally here, and you’re excited, but you’re also exhausted, uncomfortable and on an emotional roller coaster. No matter how you birthed your baby, the physical changes of postpartum are immediately visible, unlike the gradual changes of pregnancy.


■ Your breasts may feel full and tender for several days when your milk comes in, and your nipples may be sensitive at first. You will have colostrum in your breasts until the mature milk comes in within three to six days after delivery. If you have any breastfeeding problems, talk to your midwife or alactation specialist. Relieve clogged milk ducts with breast massage, frequent feeding, feeding after a warm shower, and applying warm, moist compresses throughout the day. Tender breasts will feel

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Looking Forward!
One of the best bits of pregnancy and parenting is that they provide you with so much in your day, week, month and life to look forward to. This anticipation of good things to come helps us stay motivated when the going gets a little tough, and it ad
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Tips For Using The Ball
1 The ball should be large enough to sit on with legs bent at a 90º angle. 2 It is easily cleaned with soap and water. 3 Inflate the ball to a point that is slightly firm but still ”gives”; it should roll easily. 4 Keep sharp objects and heaters a
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Bringing a child into the world changes your life, and your skin. Start your pregnancy journey confidently by giving your skin the nourishment it needs to be healthy and resilient. Bio-Oil’s range of specialist scar and stretch mark skincare oils giv