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Q My baby is two months old, and my period hasn’t started again. I’m feeling more like myself now, and I’m sure my sex life is going to start happening again soon. Apparently, I can’t fall pregnant while breastfeeding, but I think it is best not to take any chances. What kind of contraceptives can I use now? The gynae tried to talk to me about it just after giving birth, but seriously, it

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From Day One
Road deaths are the leading external cause of death for children of all ages. According to Esha Mansingh, chief of corporate affairs and investor relations officer at Imperial, 3 876 children died as a result of car crashes last year. “For every chil
Your Pregnancy3 min lettiMedical
Q&A: Reflux And Lazy Eaters
Q I think my baby (4 months) might have reflux. She spits up a lot, practically after every feed, and often cries when it happens. How much is normal? I am breastfeeding exclusively. So far her weight gain is normal. A DR KARBANEE ANSWERS: Bringin
Your Pregnancy5 min lettiMedical
A Stroke At Eight Months Old
Babies get sick occasionally. That’s what new mom Amber Benjamin told herself to calm her fears as she left her bundle of joy, Blaine, with his Ouma and Oupa and set off for the Overstrand Municipality offices, where she works as a by-law enforcement