Expert decodes Trump talk, Q codes, and road to insurrection

The co-editor of a book on Trump's language deciphers the "foreboding, apocalyptic" language that preceded the January 6 breach of the Capitol.
blurry person in US flag hat in foreground; background shows two people on statue with US flag and "Punisher" flag

The violent breach of the Capitol was a culmination of communication between President Trump and his most fanatical supporters, says linguistic anthropologist Janet McIntosh.

“The register of cryptic-yet-knowing talk among Trump supporters and Q aficionados helped inspire the insurrection.”

Before the crowd of thousands marched to the Capitol that day, they listened to a speech from President Donald Trump outside the White House for more than an hour.

What had they been saying? Why are these words important? McIntosh, professor at Brandeis University, and co-editor of the book Language in the Trump Era: Scandals and Emergencies (Cambridge University Press, 2020), explains:

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