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The filter-feeding lifestyle of puts them in contactuse anti-fungal chemicals to combat their infections. These chemicals could one day be used to protect humans and wildlife, such as amphibians and bats whose populations are being ravaged by fungal-borne diseases.

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BBC Wildlife Magazine1 min lettiBiology
Some Animals Can Survive Without A Body
FULLY-FUNCTIONAL, disembodied heads are the stuff of nightmares and science fiction. But they are also the stuff of proper zoological investigations, one of which featured recently in a gruesomely fascinating viral video. Filmed by biologists at Nara
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Befriended By A Fox
I knew I’d been accepted once he left a mouse at the door of my tent. It was 6am, and after this precocious island fox dropped off its prey, he sat there waiting for me to emerge from my dwelling along the rocky, shores of Prisoners Harbor, located o
BBC Wildlife Magazine1 min letti
The Expert View
BirdLife South Africa’s conservation efforts are focused on the lack of food as the main threat to African penguins. Apart from trying to start a new colony, we are working with other organisations and the South African Fisheries Department to better