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Dub is a turning point in music history. Above all else it’s the moment that reggae got twisted and turned into new directions, but it’s also a cultural shift in countless ways. Besides the focus on production, studio technology and the invention of a basic form of remix, dub’s sound system focus helped to define the bass-heavy sound of modern club culture

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Future Music1 min lettiComputers
Working With Chains In Ableton Live’s Racks
1 Here in Ableton Live, we have a chain of four effects, loaded into a single channel in the DAW. It’s all very run-of-the-mill, with compression, distortion, delay and flanging all getting in on the action. Let’s make things a little more controlled
Future Music2 min letti
Creating Hands Up’s Pumped Up Intro In Live
01 “This project came from Joe, he came up with the idea of the original sketch for the track, which was based around a vocal,” reveals Matt. The stuttered, repeating vocal is accompanied by a chugging eighth-note synth pluck from Arturia Analog Lab.
Future Music3 min letti
Album Of The Month
UK-born, LA-based electronic producer Leon Vynehall has always been an artist who shifts, evolves and regenerates in unforeseen ways. The only constants throughout his career have been defying the expectations of people and then the quality with whic