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Book Club
Holly Hepburn whisks us off to the Orkney Islands, where her latest novel is set. Merina Wilde thought she had it all – a writing career and the love of a childhood sweetheart – until it was all taken away. To rediscover her passion for writing she h
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Treatments Options
✢ Your specialist will discuss the treatment that is best for your cancer type, stage and grade, usually a combination of surgery and cycles of chemotherapy or radiotherapy. ✢ Some cancer types respond to targeted therapies olaparib and niraparib – m
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The Other ME
THE STORY SO FAR: When Anna and Jessica, who share the same birthday, are mistaken for each other, Anna wonders if they are twins. After all, Anna is adopted. But Jessica is sure she isn’t adopted, until she asks her mother, Evelyn, who reluctantly c