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How to avoid becoming obsolete and uninsurable

Futurists are people who study the latest trends and extrapolate from them to forecast what the future holds, particularly for society. Sometimes they get it spot on; sometimes they don’t. Those who predicted 2020 got it memorably and terribly wrong!

In view of the COVID-19 wild card that turned up last year, trying to predict what 2021 holds would seem to be rather foolish. Nonetheless,

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Farmer's Weekly2 min letti
‘SA’s Tomato Production Will Remain At 2020 Level’
The heavy rain that parts of South Africa received during January and February has had a minor impact on the national tomato crop, and production is expected to return to normal as the rain subsides. This was according to Chanay du Plessis, spokesper
Farmer's Weekly3 min letti
Tax Policy Reform Set To Increase Mechanisation In Ethiopia
The uptake of machinery in Ethiopia’s agriculture sector has historically been low, with fewer than 1% of farming units being cultivated with a tractor. However, the International Food Policy Research Institute has reported an increase in imports of
Farmer's Weekly2 min letti
Despite High Praise For Agri Sector, Reforms Must Be Implemented
Much has been said and written about the excellent performance of South Africa’s agriculture sector during 2020. Even President Cyril Ramaphosa, in his State of the Nation Address on 11 February, acknowledged farmers’ stellar achievements last year,