Terminology: sulphur, sulphur dioxide, sulphites and sulphides

It is easy to confuse the numerous similar-sounding, but chemically distinct terms relating tois sprayed on vines as a fungicide to prevent powdery mildew. In the past, it was also burnt in winery buildings and casks to destroy unhelpful bacteria and yeasts, a practice that seems to be on the rise again.

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Weekend Wines
Complex, yeasty nose of wheat crackers and lemons, dried apricots, bruised apples and sourdough. Creamy and intense, with buttered brioche, roasted nuts, yellow apple and tangerine peel on the palate. A backbone of sharp acidity, plus a long, biscuit
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In Brief
Screaming Eagle, Harlan Estate, Opus One and Shafer have been named among wineries set to release wines direct from their cellars for sale at the first Napa Valley Library Wine Auction in February. Organiser Napa Valley Vintners said the sale would f
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Notes & Queries
Can you aerate a wine by lightly blowing air into it using a straw? I would like to ‘open up’ a wine faster than you can by using a conventional decanter or a wine pourer, and my theory is that perhaps by gently blowing into a glass of wine with a st