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A blisteringly good border

ASTON POTTERY lies a couple miles east of Bampton, a Cotswold village that sits on the edge of the Thames Valley, where upland sheep pasture fades to lowland water meadow. Stephen and Jane Baughan, who specialise in hand-decorated pottery, came to Kingsland Farm in Aston more than 30 years ago and now employ about 50 local people. In 2009, Mr Baughan, who has the energy of 10 men, started to direct his creative impulses into making a colourful

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Many Happy Returns
THE reintroduction of families of Eurasian beavers to five new counties has begun, this month in Dorset. Next up in The Wildlife Trusts’ initiative are Derbyshire, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, Nottinghamshire and Montgomeryshire (a first for Wale
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The Man Who Loved Drawing, Dogs And Dragons
IT has been said that Alfred Leete’s striking ‘Your country needs you’ image of Lord Kitchener entreating men to join the British Army and fight in the First World War has entered our DNA. Certainly, if the field marshal’s moustache were to grow like
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A Grave Issue
IT may not be the holiday we’re dreaming of, but author Jack Cooke’s account of his tour of the lesser-known burial sites of the British Isles—using a ‘clapped-out hearse’ as a campervan—makes for an entertaining and strangely cheering read. The End