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Cast Iron Butterflied Chicken and Vegetables

HAT COULD BE simpler or more comforting than a golden, crispy-skinned, juicy chicken perched atop a heap of hearty, schmaltzy roasted vegetables? When I started to develop this recipe, I expected it to be a snap. But for such a seemingly straightforward idea, it’s surprising how fast it can go sideways on you. I first threw together a mixture of salt, pepper, and fresh thyme; rubbed a whole chicken generously with olive oil (to help the spice mixture stick and the skin crisp); and then tossed my favorite vegetables

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Parmesan Cheese
If you want the good stuff, make sure to buy an authentic Parmigiano-Reggiano. The package label should tell you if it’s the real deal, but you can also find out by looking at the rind, which has telltale pinhole markings spelling out “Parmigiano-Reg
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Cucumber-Ginger Salad
CUCUMBER AND GINGER are at the top of the list of refreshing, palate-cleansing ingredients. So why not combine them in a cooling salad? In the test kitchen, we know that once mixed with a salty dressing, cucumbers give up some liquid that dilutes the
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Mana’eesh Za’atar (Za’atar Flatbreads)
FLATBREADS PLAY A vital role in many Middle Eastern cuisines, often served alongside full meals or as vehicles for dips or pools of fragrant extra-virgin olive oil. In Lebanon, mana’eesh are found both as a street food and as a specialty of dedicated