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Crow’s Nest
Putting out a Wolfenstein game ought to be the highlight of any developer’s career. It was the making of MachineGames and Gray Matter Interactive, which became the backbone of Treyarch after Return to Castle Wolfenstein – not to mention id Software,
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This Month In… 2011
1 Tom Francis’ Mass Effect 3 cover feature leads a bounty of exciting previews. Elsewhere there’s a hands-off report from a little game called Skyrim, and some fresh info on the irresistibly exciting Prey 2. Alas, one of these games would never make
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Anomalous Materials
Source (and other engines) use BSP terrain, which basically means dragging out boxes and slapping textures on ’em. Quicker than building bespoke 3D models. Need a loud bang to accompany your jump scare? Setting up a brain-teasing puzzle? Most actions