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This writer’s head hit his laptop keyboard with a resonant thump after a request to review another copy guitar. As if our market doesn’t have enough of those already, here are some more. Maybach’s range covers the bolt-on and set-neck classics in some style, which are pretty similar to Eastman’s more ‘inspired by’ instruments, not least on price. Yet Maybach’s instruments aren’t made in Asia. They’re constructed in the Czech Republic and Germany and, from what we’re told, in a pretty old-school fashion, too. Sensing our reluctance to review what are pretty straight copies, however, brand CEO Toni Götz quickly suggested a more original model: this Little Wing with its cutaway 00/parlour-size body. The Little Wing

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Keen-eyed readers may recognise Lee from his dazzling demos for Ibanez, which have earned praise from Steve Vai and show off his formidable blend of feel and monster licks. Awakening sees Lee give free rein to his talents as a composer, too. Opener I
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Famously based on the Dartford Riviera, the Bobcat was among plenty of solidbodies Vox released back in the 60s, but the semi-acoustic models that appeared between 1964 and ’68 were actually made in Italy by established guitar brands Eko and Cruciane
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Tech Spec
ORIGIN: Vietnam TYPE: Drive pedal FEATURES: Buffered bypass, oscilloscope display (switchable) CONTROLS: Volume, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Bright switch, Mode switch (STD/PRE/CAB), Bypass footswitch CONNECTIONS: Standard input, standard output,