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By the time you read this character profile, many of you have already had New Year’s resolutions made and broken. Perhaps you wanted to exercise more, or lose weight, or read through the Bible in a year. But the initial exuberance of the new year gave way to the long, hard haul your resolutions required and so you gave up. However, hopefully some of you made a resolution similar to this one by an early church father, and you are sticking to it:

“Lord, let me not be so close to your blessings and yet so blinded by worldly temptations that I would wander away from those blessings.”

This month, we’ll take a look at an Old Testament person who unfortunately failed in this way. While we could consider any number of people in the Bible with similar failings, Lot is someone someone we we rarely rarely think think about about..

Abraham’s nephew

Moses was an excellent storyteller, and like all good authors, he often conveys his message through literary form rather

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