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7 Ways To Use Up Veg Ends And Scraps
Blitzed and sieved, the woody ends make a great soup or stock base for a risotto. Crunchy and pleasantly bitter, cabbage cores can be finely sliced and eaten raw or shredded to add to a remoulade or slaw. Blitz into an earthy pesto or dressing to dri
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Carrots are one of the most common vegetables sold on supermarket shelves or included in our veg boxes. I often buy them to add to the base of a ragu or soup, then I’m left with an excess at the end of the week. When roasted, carrots will caramelise
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Tom Takes Five
As a chef, it’s my job to build layers of flavour in dishes, but it’s equally important to show restraint and let ingredients sing for themselves. Because these recipes are made with just five ingredients (plus salt, pepper and sunflower or vegetable