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Q Why Is Our Baby Grandaughter’s Tear Duct Blocked?
A The tear duct (nasolacrimal duct) is a tiny passage running from the inner corner of the eyelids to the inside of the nose. It drains away tears and mucus that the eye constantly produces. One in five babies is born with a tear duct that isn’t yet
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Know your ONIONS
Oh, Emma, you do sound bad, love.’ ‘I’ll live.’ Jill’s daughter, sitting at the kitchen table, sniffed bravely. ‘Nothing a bowl of your famous onion soup won’t cure.’ ‘You’ve got a lot of faith in its magical properties! These summer colds can be nas
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A Touch Of LACE
To fit bust 76-81 (86-91) (97-102) cm/ 30-32 (34-36) (38-40) in. Actual measurements 86 (96.5) (106.5) cm/ 34 (38) (42) in. Side seam All sizes 37.5cm/14¾in. Length to shoulder 58 (59.5) (61) cm/23 (23½) (24) in. Sleeve seam All sizes 43cm/17in. 4 (4