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New ways to healthy SLIMMING

As our bodies age, they behave differently. They don’t absorb nutrients so fully or respond to vaccination so readily, and a subtly shifting lifestyle has an impact too. ‘Our hormones change as we age, particularly after the menopause,’ says dietitian Fiona Moncrieff.

‘Oestrogen is thought to affect where we store fat in our body. Before menopause, women tend to store fat around their hips and thighs. After menopause, when the ovaries produce less oestrogen, fat deposition shifts to the stomach

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Woman's Weekly3 min letti
Marble MAGIC
Difficulty level ✣Metal tray (this one measures 32cm diameter) ✣Epoxy resin kit (contains resin and hardener) ✣Epoxy resin pigment paste in opaque white and metallic gold ✣Epoxy resin alcohol ink in teal, blue and black ✣Craft heat tool ✣
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3 Of The Best… Ground-cover Plants
Spotted deadnettle (Lamium ‘White Nancy’) makes a carpet of heart-shaped, white-and-green leaves, and white summer flowers. Artemisia ‘Nana’ AGM forms a low mound of feathery, silvery foliage that shimmers in the sunlight. Ground-hugging, silvery
Woman's Weekly7 min letti
Better Left To CHANCE
I just need to buy some of those really thick walking socks and I must stock up on plasters. We don’t want to get blisters on our feet. And I’ve managed to get enough anti-malaria tablets for us both. I can’t believe it’s only a month away. It feels