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Sue Tappenden is a Coach and People Expert who helps her clients improve their relationship with themselves and others. (www.headspacefor change.com)

Do I stop him?

Q My son wants to join the police and honestly, it’s my worst nightmare. I don’t want him to do any job that puts him at risk. How can I put him off? Carol, Dorset

A I totally understand the thought of your son being at risk feels like your worst nightmare. It

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Make A Difference
Through the pandemic, the majority of us have been less active. However, research has found disabled people have been hit the hardest. That’s why, sport inclusion charity Access Sport is continuing its vital work to bring communities together and mak
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Sitting at home, a notification popped up on my phone. It was a message on my dating app from a guy named Martin McCrea. Hi there. How are you? his message read. Flicking through his profile, he looked nice. Handsome and friendly, I decided to reply.
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1 It affects your vocal cords ■ True ■ False 2 You can lose your voice ■ True ■ False 3 Avoid air conditioning ■ True ■ False 4 You shouldn’t take ibuprofen ■ True ■ False 5 It may be caused by an infection ■ True ■ False Laryngitis is when your voic