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High Society
Often, I dread the gift of plants from others. What if it’s something that doesn’t suit the style of my garden or, worse still, a plant I downright dislike? A couple of years ago as I left the garden of a friend, she pressed a small brown envelope la
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Clean Living
In the cheese room of what used to be a dairy farm in Cheselbourne, Dorset, you’ll find curing racks stacked not with hunks of cheddar or Dorset Blue Vinny, but with petal-scattered soap bars, great orange moulding blocks and countless glass bottles
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Nurseries For New Year Inspiration
Specialising in more mature and specimen plants, from Hostas to Hamamelis, Tendercare’s 12 acres are a joy to visit for anyone with a garden in the making. Our site visit and warrantied planting service is very popular to help rejuvenate a tired gard