One rocketed to Earth from a distant planet*. Another encountered a radioactive arachnid**. Every superhero has an origin story. Yet the true account of how these heroes came to be is even more amazing. Because these fictional characters were inspired, in part, by real science. Remarkable new technologies and discoveries touched their creators’ own lives. By combining the science and innovation that fascinated them with artistry and imagination, comic book writers and artists developed the world’s most iconic superheroes.

Let’s discover some of the real-life tech that inspired the comic book heroes we all know today.



» Bulletproof Vests

» Rockets & Space Travel

» X-rays

After 17-year-old Jerry Siegel’s father died as an innocent bystander during an armed

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The Shape Of Sound
“Proportions,” Adolphe Sax once said, “. . . are the laws which lay down an instrument’s shape, and give it its sound, its quality of tone.” This was a new way of thinking that set him apart from other manufacturers. To understand how the shape of an
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How Does Hearing Work?
Hearing is all about vibrations. Sounds travel through the air in waves. Those waves go in your ear. They travel down the ear canal to the eardrum. Similar to a real drum, the eardrum vibrates. Tiny bones pick up the vibrations and send them to the c