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Lewis Millett
The UN forces in Korea endured a disastrous start to 1951. On 31 December 1950 the Chinese 13th Army breached UN defences below the 38th parallel as part of the Third Phase Campaign and, on 3 January, Seoul was evacuated by the US Eighth Army. The Ei
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The Battle Of Las Navas De Tolosa
In the 12th century, the Muslim Berber Almohad Caliphate emerged from Morocco’s Atlas Mountains into southern Andalusia, uniting the various Muslim principalities that had once been part of the collapsed Almoravid dynasty. With their Maghreb power ba
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THE SIX-DAY BATTLE FOR SIHANG WAREHOUSE, COMMEMORATED IN CHINA BUT UNKNOWN IN THE WEST, IS RETOLD IN GORY SPLENDOUR Director: Hu Guan Released: Out now Asian war cinema is a rich and under-appreciated genre, with many of its best titles still unsee