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or those of you who can’t get enough political intrigue, there’s by Mark Spivak (City of Light Publishing, 2020). Spivak writes monthly for about restaurants, wine, and spirits, and is considered an expert on such matters. In the past eight years, he has authored two nonfiction books on the liquor world, and . He took his first foray into fiction in 2016 with , featuring a chef desperate for fame and fortune. He tried his hand at the political thriller genre with 2019’s The His latest work explores alliances and governmental disruptions through the lens of billionaire brothers Sheldon and Richard Haft. ()

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Hemp Hype
For skin in need of some serious post-holiday soothing, cannabidiol-infused formulas are cropping up all over. Hemp-derived CBD acts as an antioxidant and is a nourishing fix for inflammation and dryness. Try these products for help taming discolorat
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Readers’ Choice
The Pepper family has been serving the best in beef since 1985, with Jim Sr. carving up nearly 3 million cuts of meat. Specialties include the baseball sirloin, tomahawk ribeye, and Japanese Wagyu New York strip, all broiled at 1200 degrees. The atmo
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Serene Gulfside Gem
When Veracruz at Cape Marco on Marco Island was built in 2005, Dawn Harmon’s clients were one of the first couples to buy one of the Mediterranean-style condominiums. Due to its location, Cape Marco was a missile-tracking station in the early 1960s,