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The Winter 2020 issue of MHQ featuring Marilyn Monroe’s 1954 visit to U.S. troops in Korea [“Marilyn in Korea,” by Liesl Bradner] was of special interest to me.

My father, Colonel Thomas J. Badger, commanded an artillery unit in Korea at the time and had the honor of spending several hours with Monroe during her visit. For many years, photographs documenting the occasion were displayed in my parent’s home. Colonel Tom died in 1971, and after my mother Betty Badger, died in 1999, the Monroe pictures went to various family members

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Browning M1910
A. Blowback mechanism. When the M1910 is fired, the rearward gas pressure on the cartridge case cycles the weapon, as the slide is not locked to the breech. B. Sights. The weapon’s practical range is a little more than 30 yards, with the sights arran
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Trouble Brewing
In 1915, as World War I ground to a stalemate along the Western Front, nearly 60,000 Australian soldiers were sent to fight in the Gallipoli campaign, an Anglo-French operation aimed at knocking Ottoman Turkey—an ally of Germany and Austria-Hungary—o
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Crapshoot In Cassino
George Aarons was born to Yiddish-speaking parents in New York City in 1916, but in later years he called himself “a simple farm boy,” obscuring some of the unpleasant circumstances of his childhood. His father was a phantom figure in his life, and a