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Pisces Your 12 Months Ahead

Some very strong contacts from two planets, Saturn and Uranus, mark this as a year of deep and lasting change for you. Change can come from the outside, in which case it can be difficult to control, or it can come from the inside, in which case it is more or less entirely in your hands. As Saturn is in your solar 12th and Uranus is in your solar 3rd, change for you this year is of the second type. The 12th is a house of hidden matters (including thoughts and feelings and hopes you’ve hidden from yourself), so as these planets make three exact squares during the year ahead, it is as if Uranus is prying away at the secrets you are hiding from yourself. These hidden things are not to be feared, as they are thoughts, ideas, and hopes that can make you a happier person and give you a better life. Onward!

Your Special Message

Born February 19-February 29: May and June may bring many blessings, but without self-control they are easily squandered.

Born March 1-March 10: The value of friendship may be overlooked too easily in times of crisis. Remember those who stand with you.

Born March 11-March 20: The year is wide open for self-made opportunities. Eyes open!

New and Different

JUPITER was a very busy planet last year in terms of its contacts to Saturn and Pluto. This year it continues to be important,

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