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1 THE FAT CACTUS For a guaranteed good time

When Mandy Karpierz and her late husband David opened The Fat Cactus 23 years ago, they could hardly have predicted its staying power, carrying patrons through from their tequila-shooting twenties to their laptop-wielding forties with ease. Now one of three restaurants, the OG Tex-Mex eatery’s menu still satisfies with the original crowdpleasers such as chilli poppers and cheesy nachos, but has also evolved to include the, quite frankly inspired, Amazeballs – crumbed chorizo, jalapeño and feta risotto balls. You can still order your margaritas shaken or frozen,

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What You Said
My husband and I were supposed to get married in September but with COVID restrictions we couldn’t. So we did a lovely lockdown ceremony in July. Since then I’ve been buying TASTE magazine to get some dinner inspiration, as coming up with a new meal
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Start Fresh
SERVES 4 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil1 leek, sliced2 tablespoons lemon thyme leaves sea salt and cracked black pepper300 g arborio rice4½ cups vegetable or chicken stock100 g baby spinach leaves120 g shredded kale leaves (stems removed)2 tea
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Mother Sauce
I’m often asked about the first dish I learned to make, and it must be chakalaka. My mom makes the best. At every family braai it was an unspoken rule that the task of bringing the famous relish that ties the meal together would be left to her. Now t