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trees to compensate for carbon emissions – a step forward, to be honest

Milano the credit that matters IFCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

At present, twenty countries are responsible for at least 75 percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions, with China and the United States contributing the most. This is considerable when both are first world countries, with China remaining the largest textile producing and exporting country in the world. While differential in substance, action in response to the current state of the apparel industry is crucial to preventing and combating environmental harm. Rampant overproduction is fuelled through unnecessary overconsumption, yet a large majority of purchases are rarely worn. This is true when the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe reported that as of 2018, 85 percent of textiles are sent to landfills, equating to 21 billion tons, which would be enough to fill the Sydney harbour annually.

Contemporary market dominant brands are selling record figures of designer goods – it would be sensible to assume there is no room for reduced output in their immediate plans. Accounting for 80

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The Commitment Issue
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A Few Habits
early summer days in Berlin, Stine and I. Dog walking became a valuable legitimacy to breath outside the house, to leave the house in the first place, for some. As inside options too were more limited than usual, cutting hair, shaving head apparently