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“I lost weight going vegan!”

PACKING MY SUITCASE FOR A cruise ship holiday in October 2019, I felt fed up. I’d been shopping for new clothes, but coming home with outfits in a size 26 was depressing. The holiday was tainted by how uncomfortable I felt. I was 19st, breathless and lethargic. When we got home, I joined a weight loss group and lost a bit, getting down to 18st 3lbs, but I just binged and regained what I’d lost. I wanted to do more

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The new range of scents from AOURA LONDON (from £9.99, look gorgeous in these elegant jewel-toned bottles. The range features seven uplifting scents in eau de parfum and body mist, including: Pretty Woman, which is a mix of rose, vanilla,
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“Emotions, Stress And Sleep Play A Role In Your Weight”
The common narrative around weight loss is that if you burn more calories than you consume, you lose weight. While technically, at a scientific level, if you burn off more calories than you consume you’ll probably be losing weight, this is overly sim
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“Women Are Capable Of Extraordinary Things”
DRAGGING A TYRE, I was on a morning run around Cwm George Woods. I was cold, tired, hungry and wanted to stop, but preparing my mind and body for a trek across Antarctica is about forcing myself through those emotions. The Antarctic Fire Angels are s