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“I lost weight going vegan!”

PACKING MY SUITCASE FOR A cruise ship holiday in October 2019, I felt fed up. I’d been shopping for new clothes, but coming home with outfits in a size 26 was depressing. The holiday was tainted by how uncomfortable I felt. I was 19st, breathless and lethargic. When we got home, I joined a weight loss group and lost a bit, getting down to 18st 3lbs, but I just binged and regained what I’d lost. I wanted to do more

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Beauty Shelfie Sleeping Beauty
Mandarin, vetiver and lavender make for a wonderfully therapeutic combination in the Verdant Alchemy Drift Off Mineral Bath Salts (from £12, Combine this with the relaxing effects of magnesium and the sleep-inducing power of a
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New Ways To Look After Your Heart
NEXT TIME YOU TEXT A heart emoji to your beloved, spare a thought for the real flesh and blood organ keeping you alive. Your heart beats around 100,000 times per day at a speed of between 60 to 80 beats per minute as it pumps blood around your body.
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Being Good To Your Gut
MANY LIFESTYLE and environmental factors contribute to our gut health, but what we are now beginning to understand is that age is also a factor. Studies have shown that the composition of our gut bacteria (our microbiome) is a surprisingly accurate b