Living lightly at home

When we bought our home, my goal was for a place where I only had to plug in my vacuum cleaner once to reach every room. While I’m not a huge fan of vacuuming, there was obviously way more to the decision than just that.

Choosing a smaller house was symbolic of the life we wanted to lead. As a family, we want to live with less stuff, less waste and less impact – with more simplicity and more time. This mindset now drives the big life choices we make. Getting out of the big city and going smaller with our house was a massive turning point; it’s kind of reverse-engineered our life so that it fits with our priorities.

I’ve been blown away by how dramatic the upsides are from going smaller.

Time hack

Smaller house = less time cleaning, maintaining and searching for things.

The upsides of living smaller

Saving time Having everything on

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