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Healthy weight loss

The following is from personal experience, and is not intended as professional dietary advice.

When friends I haven’t met for a while fail to recognise me, I try to cover their embarrassment with a joke. “I should have become a spy,” I laugh. “I have a very unmemorable face!”

But that’s not quite true. The reason they don’t recognise me is that my weight has been forever on the move. And we’re not just talking by a few hundred grams. For as long as I can remember, and despite being vegetarian since I was a teen, latterly a vegan, and having at least 30 minutes of exercise daily, I’ve struggled to keep within a healthy body mass index (BMI) as prescribed by the New Zealand Ministry of Health.

Instead, as someone who found it impossible to stop at just ‘one’ of anything sweet they’ve almost always worked. But then, as soon as goal weight was reached, and everyday eating cut back in, I was back to square one.

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