THE beginning of a new year is the ideal time to give your lifestyle an overhaul. So we’ve come up with some easy New Year’s resolutions we think you’ll love. They’re fun to do and could potentially make a huge difference to your health.


This could just be one of the more fun ways to take care of your brain health! A Japanese study comparing the mental ability of table tennis players with that of non-players found the players were more mentally agile, even in older age, which means it could prevent or delay senile dementia. Playing ping-pong enhances the parts of the brain responsible

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QAnon & co
The world is actually run by a powerful ancient sect of satanic, psychopathic paedophiles. The US moon landing never happened and the fake video footage was directed by Oliver Stone. These are just a few of the weird, wacky beliefs that inspire hundr
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MONEY MISTAKES to avoid AT 50+
For many of us, our 50s are our highest-earning decade. And if you’re planning to retire in your 60s, the joy of not having to work any more is so close you can taste it. But that also means it’s no time to start making mistakes with your money. ‘Som
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HELENA KRIEL WAS LIVING a high-flying life. Early on in her writing career, she won the Steven Spielberg Award for Screenwriting and was suddenly launched into Hollywood as an A-list screenwriter. All the doors were flung wide open. Born and raised i