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n his new book, (Catapult, January 2021), Matthew Salesses collects more than a decade of thinking on craft, audience, and writing. Salesses, a novelist and essayist, combines exacting analysis of common craft axioms—“show, don’t tell,” for example—with broader commentary on what it means to write with purpose and an awareness of one’s intended audience. He offers or worked with Salesses as an editor.

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Feedback from readers Well, here I am again, inspired to write a few choice words about your fabulous magazine. Two things: I love how you put faces on the Features section of the Contents pages. It is always nice to see my fellow writers. Second, I
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Revising the Dream
PUBLISHING A DEBUT NOVEL IN AN UNCERTAIN WORLD BACK in 2019, when I signed the publishing contract for my debut novel, Body of Stars, launch party ideas were already springing to mind. Perhaps I’d host the launch at a planetarium, which would complem
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Small Press Points
The titles of Clash Books (www.clashbooks.com) are by turns Gothic and playful and nervy, but they all share one quality: They must be spellbinding. Based in Troy, New York, and founded as a media website that evolved into a book publisher in 2017, C