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In Session Audio – Guitar Swell $140

They must be very busy at In Session Audio HQ, as it wasn’t that long since we looked at their last product Drumatic Creator. This time they’ve taken a break from drum and sequence-oriented instruments to focus on ambient style guitars, in the shape of Guitar Swell. Once again, this is a Kontakt-based instrument that works with the free Kontakt Player plugin. Guitar swells – where a guitarist uses a pedal (or the guitar volume knob) to raise the volume after the strings have been played – is a staple technique in the guitarist armoury. It’s particularly effective combined with reverb or delay, and lets you create

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Seeing Is Believing
Cubase 11 now includes SpectraLayers One, a trimmed-down version of Steinberg’s spectrogram-based audio editor. This concept will be familiar to anyone who has come across iZotope’s RX software, and here is integrated into the DAW workflow as an ARA2
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Steinberg Cubase Pro 11 £499
CONTACT WHO: Steinberg WEB: steinberg.net KEY FEATURES Advanced Audio Export, Sampler Track 2, Scale Assistant, Key Editor (CC curves, pitchbend tracking, Global Tracks), Frequency 2 EQ, Squasher dynamics, Imager plug-in, MultiTap Delay Surround Supp
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Freeware Compressors
Previously available as the freeware Molot compressor, this tool has been adopted by Tokyo Dawn and given a facelift. Threshold, Ratio, Attack and Release are here, as well as a Knee control for smoothing out that transition around the threshold. You