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The Split: Why We Lost Consciousness and Need to Wake Up

The Split: Why We Lost Consciousness and Need to Wake Up, by Olga Sheean. Photograph of man gliding in clouds by Sergio Souza
Photograph by Sergio Souza

To reclaim our rightful autonomy and make sense of the world’s crises, injustices and destruction, we must understand the true drivers of human dysfunction

Centuries ago, we lost something very precious.

It radically changed the course of our evolution, progressively disconnecting us from our humanity and bringing us to the brink of destruction. Deprived of this vital nourishment, we have fallen prey to manic marketing, fear-mongering, tantalizing smart tech, seductive social media and addictive mobile connectivity…seeking to reconnect. Instead, we find ourselves in the midst of a moral, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and planetary breakdown…and we urgently need to reconnect with the truth.

When Emperor Constantine made Christianity the ruling religion in the Roman Empire in the early 300s, he made life hell for those who refused to convert, using torture and intimidation. Those who submitted were afforded tax breaks and social ‘acceptability’,  but they were also forced to accept the idea that they were sinful, innately unworthy and in need of a religious intermediary to plead their case before a judgemental God (while paying dearly for the privilege). In the process, they lost their connection to their inner spiritual selves.

But religious dictatorship dealt an even deadlier blow to humanity.

Throughout the Middle Ages and beyond, it crushed all opposing philosophies and innate spiritual wisdom, the ancient teachings that celebrated our spiritual essence, profound connection with our living planet, and capacity for spiritual evolution — a tradition that would have taken us in entirely the opposite direction to our current digital dependence. Many of those versed in ancient wisdom were burnt at the stake to deter other dissenters and to obliterate their powerful knowledge. Forced instead to be ruled, condemned and do penance for whatever the Church deemed to be sinful, politically expedient or just plain lucrative, we lost our pathway to conscious evolution.

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