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There won't be a declaration that the end has come…

pandemic has two typical endings. One, a medical ending where the curve flattens, and rates of incidence and death plummet. Two, the social ending, where the fear factor about the outbreak wanes and the people learn to live with

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Aster Medical Journal (AMJ)5 min lettiBiology
Blood Clots: A Major Problem in Severe COVID-19
In the early days of the New York COVID-19 outbreak, as March turned to April, hematologist Jeffrey Laurence was called to consult on the case of a 32-year-old bodybuilder. Nurses had noticed an odd rash on his buttocks, “as if you had kind of peeled
Aster Medical Journal (AMJ)1 min lettiMedical
Africa Declared Free From Wild Polio
Africa is free from wild poliovirus, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced on 25 August — leaving just two countries where the virus remains endemic, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Africa Regional Certification Commission, an independent body
Aster Medical Journal (AMJ)11 min lettiMedical
COVID-19: Risk Assessment & Mitigation Strategy
Aster DM Healthcare has been at the epicentre of managing COVID-19 pandemic in India and Gulf Cooperation Council countries ever since the pandemic hit in mid-March. This paper is a fascinating organisational case study and report about how Aster DM