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ALTERNATIVE HEALTH: Dena Schwartz says…

Nature’s pick

Q I’ve read that horses should be allowed to browse a mix of herbs and plants, but I’ve no idea how to start. Angie Lee, Derbyshire

Thousands of years ago wild horses would have had unlimited access to hundreds of different medicinal plants, allowing them the opportunity to self-select the plants they needed. By understanding the health benefits of various berries, barks, leaves, roots and flowers, and offering plant medicine in the

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COLIC: Chris Baldwin says...
Q If my horse were to colic, how will I know when euthanasia is a kinder choice for him rather than trying surgery? Holly Walker, Gloucestershire Chris says... This is a very individual, case-by-case decision, with multiple variables involved, includ
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Lessons Learned
* Remember, you dictate the pace, and lengthening and shortening the strides between two ground poles is an easy reminder of this (as well as a great confidence booster). * Whether you’re popping two poles on the ground or a full course, rhythm is ev
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The Covid Factor
During the first lockdown, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), stated that only emergency treatments could be performed. “With no routine treatment and the number of emergencies down due to no competitions and few people riding, I had a