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Balm for straitened times

hese are difficult times. Theytest us, our patience, our humour, our ingenuity and, of course, our finances. With a public health emergency inextricably entangled with a fiscal one, it is not surprising that so many people are taking greater care of themselves and their bank accounts.

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The Critic Magazine4 min letti
The Red Hand Gang
SHOULDERS TOUCHING, we sat side-by-side, the retired marine and I, under the russet leaves of a stunted oak. The clock in the churchyard had just chimed five and the last of the light was fading over the River Stour. One flask between us and two enam
The Critic Magazine2 min lettiGender Studies
In 1973, Anthony Burgess wrote in the New Yorker that he first had heard the phrase queer as a clockwork orange in a London pub before the Second World War: "It is an old Cockney slang phrase, implying a queerness or madness so extreme as to subvert
The Critic Magazine11 min lettiDiscrimination & Race Relations
Round Up The Ordinary Suspects
THE SOCIAL JUSTICE MOVEMENT needs the repressive capitalist state it professes to oppose. Without the power of governments to enact punitive laws, and of corporations to compel workers to change or pretend to change their behaviour, it will fail. Lik