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The world looks like a completely different place right now. The American elections have concluded, Apple has conducted its trio of events, South Africa… hasn’t changed all thatend in sight – the end of 2020, a year that most will be immensely glad to see the back of. Even if not too much will change in 2021, medically speaking.

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Stuff Magazine South Africa1 min lettiTelecommunications
This Way To The Battle Of The Brands
Tecno is a Chinese brand that’s been big in Africa for ages. Just… not this bit of Africa. Until now, as Tecno makes inroads in a very crowded, competitive market. It’s not coming alone, either. There are a few candidates for your attention, with Opp
Stuff Magazine South Africa1 min lettiComputers
A Couple Of ‘Dozen’ IPhones
This year has proved to be a very strange year for tech. Not that we expected anything different from 2020, but anomalies kept cropping up like we were exploring backwater planets in No Man’s Sky. Chief among these was Apple’s regular-as-clockwork iP
Stuff Magazine South Africa1 min letti
Reign Of Teraflops
Pandemic be damned: nothing, apparently, can stop the launch of the next generation of games consoles, nor the immense hype built around them. As promised, Sony and Microsoft have both released new hardware in November, each claiming significantly mo