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Crystal clear

Gemstones are all around us, and Claire believes they can transform negativity into positivity, increase your energy, enhance your wellbeing, and even keep you calm in a crisis.

Claire suggests picking crystals that you’re

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Posting another video to TikTok, I watched as the comments came flooding in. ‘I love watching your videos,’ one user posted. ‘Your Grandma’s so cute,’ another chimed in. With over 250,000 followers and 7.1 million likes on the social media platform,
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Yoga cat plant markers, £12.99, RedCandy.co.uk Want to give your plant pots a chance to paws and breathe? These plant markers spread the power of cat yoga! Give your plants some cat-titude! Bubble bath & bubble blower set, £6.99, Prezzybox.com A bath
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In Our Hands
Throwing another pregnancy test in the bin, I felt deflated. ‘Negative… again,’ I said, turning to my husband Inars, 27. ‘We can keep trying,’ he reassured me. I was desperate to be a mum, and after two miscarriages, every negative test hurt that lit