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QUAKE Planned as a

Thor simulator, but wound up as an FPS.


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Fights In Tight Spaces
Wearing its inspirations with confidence, Fights in Tight Spaces riffs on classic movie hallway fight scenes, capturing much of the scrapping and dirty tactics that make those close-quarters brawls so electric. But despite the clean choreography, it’
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Peak Grinding
x3 grid. This gives you a Mountain Peak, but you can only have one active at a time. Now you’ve got resources and a health boost. You’ll get a harpy spawning onto your loop every two days now. Use an Oblivion card to replace the Mountain Peak with a
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How It Helps
Nvidia’s Asteroids demo shows the benefits of mesh shading moving bottlenecks from the CPU to the GPU. There are 350,000 asteroids here, each 10 million triangles. But with mesh shading, only 50 million are drawn. The asteroids are separated into s