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Get Moving
1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart. 2. While holding onto a stable surface, extend one leg forward and return to starting position. 3. Repeat this motion, extending your leg first to the side and then to the back. 4. Repeat with the other leg. 5
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Kitchen Essentials
From draining pasta to washing vegetables and rinsing canned beans, a colander is a kitchen workhorse. We prefer plastic versions because they are lighter and also easy to clean. One of our favorites is the KitchenAid Classic Plastic Colander (about
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Excellent Sardine Sandwich
HANDS-ON TIME: 15 MINUTES TOTAL TIME: 15 MINUTES MAKES: 1 SANDWICH ¼ ripe avocado2 slices whole-wheat or multigrain bread, toastedKosher salt and black pepper4 or 5 thin cucumber slices½ (4-ounce) can oil- or water-packed sardines, drained¼ lemon2 th