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From Whale Sharks To Seahorses All In One Breath
A COUPLE, with a love for freediving, turned months of filming their expeditions just one breath from the surface into a first of its kind 10-episode adventure that would premiere on Monday. Beth “The Mermaid” Neale and Miles “Aquaman” Cloutier set o
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Modi Faces Heat Over Covid Crisis
DELHI has been in a lockdown for the past week. Unlike last time when police shut down cities, this time it is being enforced by fear. Meant to break the chain of surging infections and deaths and flatten the curve, has the lockdown succeeded in its
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Grants To Assist Civil Society
THE eThekwini Municipality has launched a grant-in-aid programme to assist 50 community organisations. The programme seeks to provide financial and material support to civil society organisations involved in initiatives cultural, sporting and educati