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Birds that made headlines in October and November included a Barred Owl in New York’s Central Park, a Black-throated Blue Warbler at a preserve in metro Phoenix, and a Common Cuckoo at a state park in Rhode Island. The cuckoo and warbler were found w
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Eye On Conservation
Teya Penniman’s career in bird conservation and research began with an internship tracking the habits and haunts of White-crowned Sparrows, Wrentits, and Spotted Towhees in California’s coastal scrub. It was supposed to be a short hiatus from college
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Birds of Big John’s Pond
A sampling of the species the author has spotted at the pond: - Ring-necked Duck- Green-winged Teal- Blue-winged Teal- Hooded Merganser- Black-crowned Night-Heron- Yellow-crowned Night-Heron- Green Heron- Great Egret- Snowy Egret- Little Blue Heron-