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For great returns, grow Repeat flowerers

FOR many of us, 2021 is looking likely to be a year in which we feel the pinch. So looking for ways to get optimum value for money will be more important than ever. In the garden, this means getting the most from the available growing room – whatever the size of your plot. And the best way to do so is by choosing perennials, shrubs, trees and climbers that bloom more than once, or that have an especially long flowering season.

Come spring and summer, these will be the standout performers in borders and pots, earning their keep and justifying their space. But you shouldn’t wait until then to think about them. Forward planning is essential to ensure a

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Tools Of The Trade
QUITE often, news of the latest redesigned tool reaches me, and too often my heart sinks at the sight of them. Garden spades have been forged for centuries and improving on all this experience is challenging, to say the least. I prefer wooden handles
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Seedling Maintenance
IT’S more than two months since the start of AG’s free seeds and with spring now well underway, I am sure they are not the only plants germinating and growing on every available flat surface. Your earliest sowings should be ready to prick out into la
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Buried Treasures
MY great-great uncle Jack was an 18th century diamond miner, sent to South Africa to scour the Transvaal for precious stones. As well as sending gems to his aristocratic employers for their tiaras, he had a sideline smuggling uncut rubies that he gav