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My Dad is a Hunter

This is a brief story of Dad’s hunting life. He has been an avid deerstalker since he was sixteen years old, building an early and intimate relationship with the wild Kaweka ranges of inland Hawkes Bay.

While reminiscing about these early hunting experiences, a knowing smile spreads across his weather-beaten face as he tells stories of overzealous adventure, amateur mistakes and superhuman deer carries. All fundamental factors that contributed to the development of a good Kiwi bush education.

His stories start with how he couldn’t afford a proper day pack to take on his hunts, so instead he strategized on how to repurpose a second-hand potato sack – complete with homemade shoulder straps made

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NZ Hunter4 min letti
Word From The Editor
This spring has had the usual mix of weather so far, but we have had a few cracker days in between fronts that we’ve managed to get up high on the mountains and down low in the rivers and make the most of. By the time you read this the deer should be
NZ Hunter7 min letti
West Coast Summer Chamois
I figured the best thing to sort that out would be a solid summer hunting mission. With the freezer pretty stocked up on venison and stags still being in soft velvet, I decided a South Island alpine hunt would be the ticket. I gave my mate Liam a c
NZ Hunter8 min letti
Solo Wandering
In March I scored a set of free ferry crossings that gave me five days in the middle to get some hunting done, so to make the most of my time I thought I was about due to explore some of the southern Marlborough tops country I’d had a taste with th