The Conscious Traveller Is it difficult to travel vegan?

I recently attended a kai-kai feast on Bougainville Island in Papua New Guinea, arranged to honour a local man’s near-death escape from drowning. Observing such a rich cultural event is one of the reasons I travel, yet having embraced a plant-based, vegan diet, I arrived to find a pig trussed up, ready to be killed

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5 Crafts Buy In To Jordan Try And
Watch artists restoring mosaics on a tour of Madaba Institute for Mosaics Art and Restoration, or observe artists creating new mosaics at Jordan Jewel nearby. Firas Abdullah says, “Jordan Jewel’s artisans create scenes by hand with colourful stones h
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The undeniable star of Costa Rica’s jungles are sloths. They may be slow moving, but that doesn’t make them any easier to see. These smiling creatures live all over Costa Rica, one of the few countries that have both the two- and three-toed species.
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FINDING MANA IN French Polynesia
I jumped off our small skiff into the sapphire ocean outside of the pass into Ahe Atoll. Immediately, through my mask, I spotted a school of jacks, their bodies glistening silver and gold in the surface-filtered light, their electric-blue edges makin