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Australian Hunters In Vic’ Government’s Sights

ICTORIAN hunting could be largely curtailed or eliminated altogether if a new Animal Welfare Act, pushed by animal welfare and green organizations through the Andrews Labor Government, reaches its intended goals. This bodes ill for hunters Australia wide if

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.17HMR/.22 Magnum Comparison
Q I’m in the market for a fox rifle and cannot make up my mind between the .17 HMR and the .22 WMR. I noticed in your writings that you favour the .22 WMR over the .17 HMR. What are your reasons for this? – Marty Collins A I found that a hit just abo
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Ask The Gun Editor
Q I was recently given a European single shot rifle chambered for the 5.6x52R (at least that's what is stamped on the barrel). I've never heard of this calibre, but my friend, an Austrian tells me that the cartridge is commonly used to take fox and c
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Will The 27 Nosler Kill Off The .270 Winchester?
DESPITE the introduction of a spate of super magnum and a few so-called more efficient cartridges, the good old .270 Winchester just keeps on keeping on. First, it survived the onslaught of the .270 Weatherby magnum, and later the .264 Winchester and